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Let art consume you

Let art consume you

Such a cliche title, but what I want to tell you if that you should write things that make your heart throb in ways you couldn’t even understand, write something that can touch a well read man, but also an unfortunate soul that didn’t have the opportunity to get an education. Don’t settle for praise, thrive to be controversial. Make people question their beliefs, make them curious, stir something in them. Only then can you really be remembered, but that isn’t the point. Only then you can say you left something in the world, which is the mere difference between passing through life and actually living your life.

You are an observer of the world, put into writing, painting or music your unique point of view, that twisted mind of yours, let it be discovered by innocent by-passers. You should know by now that nothing last forever, everything is ephemeral, except art and ideas, so spread them as you would spread yourself on your bed after a long working day, with the promise of released tension (of your mind).

Don’t be afraid to contradict yourself, the world itself is dual, why can’t a simple person be ambiguous with their ideas? Accept art not with the preconception that you must agree with it totally, but thinking that it can show you a perspective you never even thought of.


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